Ideas Wanted

The European Commission is looking for inputs on “nano (eco) toxicology R&D” specifically in the areas of:

• R&D in nano (eco) toxicology, i.e. identification and prioritisation of research on safety and risk assessment, and specific studies supporting the integration of health, environmental, risk and other related aspects into R&D activities; generation of data on toxicology and ecotoxicology (including R&D dedicated to measurement equipment and instruments) and evaluation of potential human and environmental exposure.

• Need for databases on toxicity (what information is needed and how should it be organised and managed), including cooperation at international level, in order to benefit mutually from common approaches to risk assessment and from the establishment of dedicated databases to share toxicological and ecotoxicological as well as epidemiological data.

• “Poles of excellence” in nano (eco) toxicology, i.e. map of existing infrastructures and inputs for maximising the added value, needs of industry and in particular of SMEs as well as of transnational networking and integration of resources across universities, R&D organisations and industry as a means of assembling critical mass.

• Other initiatives, e.g. in metrology and standardisation.

Keep it brief, and get them to María Pilar Aguar Fernández by 28 February 2006

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