India joins hands with South Africa, Brazil to develop nanotechnology for …nuclear power?

A bit of odd reporting gives the impression that India, South Africa, Brazil are to develop nanotechnology to produce nuclear power, and perhaps heathcare applications. The cooperation is of course far wider than that, but it does show how basing a story on one source and no understanding of the subject can give the wrong impression.

Still any article that can claim that India invests four times as much as the US in nanotechnology and contains quotes like the one below will always raise a smile.

“We would do the pre-project work before the criticalities, so that we save some time. We would keep some options open so that we get one or two years experience to gauge those options. But our commitment is that by 2020 we should have five fast reactors in operation and we would have generated 2,500W electricity from the first reactor.”

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