“Innovation is no Longer an Option, it’s Mandatory”

Australia’s ABC has a long piece on textile technologies with the focus being very much on underwear. Being from down under, the article can’t avoid the subject of wool.

Dr Tony Pierlot, a researcher with CSIRO Textile & Fibre Technology, summed up what an increasing number of people are discovering about nanotechnologies:

“Funnily enough, it turns out nature’s already thought about nanotechnology – for at least a few million years because wool is a complex assembly of nano-sized fibres.”

The human race is besotted by technology, but if you hang in long enough the worm turns and people come back to natural fibres … the challenge is to develop a range of products that have relevance to people’s lifestyles now.”

While there will always be a few diehards who will stick to polyester and nylon, we’ll be putting on our sharpest threads and heading over to Padua for EuroFutureTex, where the presence of manufacturers such as Zegna, Marzotto, and Ziche shows how seriously established brands are taking nanotechnologies.

Indeed as the CEO of a major European manufacturer told us, “in our business, innovation is no longer an option, it’s mandatory.”

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