Less Than Zero

NanotechCafe.com has a handy book section where you can see the latest list of nanotech books ranked by their sales at Amazon, which neatly illustrates the continuing confusion over what nanotechnology really is.

The top three books are Kurzweill’s “Singularity Is Near : When Humans Transcend Biology”, Clayton Christensen’s “Seeing What’s Next: Using Theories of Innovation to Predict Industry Change” and Tony Davilla’s “Making Innovation Work : How to Manage It, Measure It, and Profit from It.”

While there are a few nanotech related books, there are many that just happen to use nanotech as a plot device (Hello Georgeous), books on related science (Surface Analysis – The Principal Techniques by John Vickerman is a particular favourite of ours), and the usualy mix of sci-fi and transhumanism. Drexlers “Nanosystems” comes in at number 44, twenty places ahead of Richard Jones’ “Soft Machines.”

What does this tell us? Not much, except that the value of unsorted information about nanotechnology is probaly less than zero to most people, as most people trying to make a buck out of nanotech web sites have found over the last few years.

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