LUNA files for IPO

Reuters reports Luna Innovations Inc. may raise up to $58 million in an initial public offering.

While Luna have made a bit of noise with their trimetasphers and nanotubes, the majority of their revenue comes from sensing and measurement, so it will be interesting to see how this gets reported, or whether they will be included in the nanotech indices.

Reuters describes Luna as a Roanoke, Virginia-based nanotechnology company, which, to our minds, is a little like describing IBM as an Armonk, NY based nanotech company.

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  1. Everyone else (Industrial Nanotech, Natural Nano, Ecology Coatings, Arrowhead Research, Advance Nanotech, Nanoproprietary, etc. – just to name few) is doing it. Why cannot Luna jump on the “nano” bandwagon and abuse and exploit the fad? Bottom line – buyer beware!

    Nano Guru.

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