Man, Machine and Nanobots

Ray Kurzweil with an early nanobot prototypeAn early nanobot prototype?

Like the zombies in Night of the Living Dead, just as you think that someone has finally shot or driven a stake through the collective heart of nanobots that used to plague any discussion of nanotechnology they just keep coming. Thanks this time goes to BBC News who slavishly repeat Ray Kurzweils views on life extension and the merging of man and machine.

“We’ll have intelligent nanobots go into our brains through the capillaries and interact directly with our biological neurons,” he told BBC News. The nanobots, he said, would “make us smarter, remember things better and automatically go into full emergent virtual reality environments through the nervous system.”

As one of the “18 influential thinkers chosen to identify the great technological challenges facing humanity in the 21st century by the US National Academy of Engineering” it would be nice if he stopped watching reruns of Star Trek and paid a bit of attention to the scientific literature of the last ten years.

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