Mapping UK Nanotech

The new version of the UK’s Industrial Map OF UK Micro and NanoTechnology has just been released, profiling 643 companies which “are either exclusively or partly, manufacturing or developing products based on micro and nanotechnology or offering services in this field.”

The conclusion that “as a consequence, micro and nanotechnologies are contributing to company turnover in excess of £90 billion and employing 400,000 people within the UK” would indicate that either a) most of the companies listed are in the micro domain or b) that the inclusion of large companies such as BNFL who have a small program with Leeds University on uranium nanoparticles (if they could somehow involve GMO’s the program would scandalize every environmental group on the planet!) has skewed the data somewhat.

Overall its a useful bit of work, although the inclusion of law firms and anyone who wants to add a gratuitous nano to their description means that it fails to paint a true picture of the situation, and a lot more work needs to be done before drawing any conclusions about the health, or otherwise, of the UKs MNT sector.

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