There’s something about the combination of molecular and nanotech that makes people adopt all kinds of highly entrenched and xenophobic positions, as in this blog piece and subsequent comments at the Foresights nanodot site.

Richard Jones, usually a paragon of diplomacy is provoked into asking with regard to MNT:

“Even in Silicon Valley, I can’t believe that there was ever a stage when a design just sat around being tinkered with theoretically for any significant time before someone went to a lab or workshop and made a prototype. Ask yourself what happened between the invention of the integrated circuit in 1959 and the first microprocessor in 1974. Did people just spend 15 years making drawings of what a microprocessor might look like? No, there was a constant stream of prototype devices and marketable products of increasing complexity, constantly moving the technology forward in a practical way. For MNT to become a reality, you are going to need people in the proverbial garages actually trying to bring some designs to physical life. The purpose of experiments and prototypes isn’t just to convince the sceptics, they’re central to developing any technology.”

Which engenders the response

” Thanks to all for your comments. Would like to respond at length but am pressed for time just now, hope to get back to this.”

Perhaps the cat ate your homework?

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