MNT Network News Bulletin: Re-branding of the MNT Network

The UK Micro and Nanotechnology Network is now the Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network which is the same thing with a smaller budget. Perhaps that explains what happened to the ‘Micro?’ We’ll let them explain…

“The MNT Network was established and developed as the prototype KTN. The format and structure of all KTNs is based on the model organisation created by the MNT Network. It is pleasing to announce that the long-term future of the MNT Network has been secured with a continuation of funding being provided by the DTI. The MNT Network will come into line with the branding of the other KTNs (this has been taking shape over the last couple of months for the web-pages, and collateral), and from April 1st 2007 will be known as the Nanotechnology KTN. All of the products produced by the MNT Network will be re-branded and continue to be available through the Nanotechnology KTN. The new funding will enable these products to be developed, as well as ensuring the introduction of new ones. The Nanotechnology KTN will continue to serve the UK MNT community, as well as UK industry in general. The Nanotechnology KTN will take a strong position in the KTN structure in the UK, and benefit from the infrastructure and organisation of the KTN brand.”

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