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A story involving nanotech, weapons and Israel is a dead cert to get press coverage, and so Shimon Peres’ invitation to “15 top thinkers to focus on developing futuristic weaponry” and a few speculative asides rapidly escalates into the usually sort of stories about nanotech enabling a whole range of futuristic weaponry, with Science|Business putting together a reasonable summary.

Most of the applications mentioned such as ‘electronics for computing and information’ or ‘power generation and storage’ also have a variety of non military uses, so we shouldn’t expect nanotech to either prolong or solve the Middle East conflict any time soon, although clean water applications would be a step in the right direction.

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  1. Funny. Not one mention of “…nanotech, weapons and Israel…” by the press until recently, and not much concern about it either. No matter what humanity does to try to solve the one problem that has plagued humanity since the “fall”, they will fail. That problem? Humans are trapped in their carnal state of mind! Humans will wage war against each other until no one is left! The nanotech weapons race is already happening. Once these weapons are unleashed no one will be safe! Anyone who doubts this should read carefully the information available on the LifeBoat Foundation website. Even those who propose creating the “BioShield” and the “NanoShield” concede that once nanotech weapons are released the ability of these “nano” devices, nanites, nanobots, etc., to evade detection, or morph into something else, or grow so fast that they cause the environment to “warm” up, makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to defend against them! Its quite possible that these types of weapons have already been released, either accidentally or purposefully! This could explain the real reason behind all the concern about “global warming” coming from the scientist who proposed molecular manufacturing in the first place, Mr. Robert Frietas! As usual, the exponential increases in complexity in the fields of bio/nano/info technologies is creating a bottomless pit of problems that will overwhelm humanity!

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