More Nanotech Vaporware?

I’m always suspicious of companies that send out a dozen press releases a week, and this year it the turn of Arrowhead Research subsidiary Unidym, who you may remember were wrapped up with nanotube producer Carbon Nanotechnologies Inc earlier in the year in a deal that was billed by some as “vertical integration within the nanotech industry” but which looked and smelled more like a piece of nice opportunism by Arrowhead in the hope of grabbing some IP that might be useful to its Unidym subsidiary.

The latest Unidym press release is the one that piqued my ire, is an interminable piece about their new CTO, who is unable to hold down a job for very long or changes jobs with astonishing rapidity – or at least that is the impression left by the gushing press release.

As far as anyone can tell, Unidym has produced a few beakers full of stuff that may be useful as an indium tin oxide replacement in touch screens, but has little in the way of products. Anyone involved in thin film electronics will testify that there is a long way to go from proof of concept to manufacturing, especially where single walled carbon nanotubes are involved.

A quick glance at the stock prices of any “publicly quoted nanotechnology company” shows that pumping out press releases makes little impression on investors compared with actually making and selling stuff. On the other hand, at least it keeps senior management busy issuing press releases while they wait for the lab boys to give them something to sell.

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  1. Might I suggest the judicious application of my Three Rules of Assessment:

    You look for what is there that shouldn’t be –

    You look for what isn’t there that should be –

    Leave your Ego/Agenda on a peg at the door before you walk through it.

    There needs to be many searchlights plying the field to keep the industry in check, lighting up the dark places where the greed resides, oozing forth every so often to muddy the path of true endeavor.

    Good on you, well met, for the job you do well.

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