Nano Banana Skins

There are more calls from the US for regulation of nanomaterials, albeit voluntary. We are somewhat sceptical of voluntary approaches, especially when major omissions are present in the financial information that is compulsory. If a company cannot be relied on to state its financial results accurately, what chance is there of voluntary disclosure of the odd nanomaterial related problem?

The report finds that, unfortunately, it’s the same old solution, akin to finding that some chemicals are explosively reactive and then calling for the regulation of chemistry.

Perhaps the silliest comment came from David Rejeski director of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, although this may be somewhat out of context.

“Some nanospheres, for example, are extremely slippery, “like the nano version of banana peels,” said Rejeski, director of the center’s foresight and governance project. With slips and falls a major cause of workplace injury, he said, this is the kind of thing that deserves attention but can be easily overlooked, given the lack of an overarching national nanotechnology research strategy — something he and others are calling for.”

Call us cynical, but if you have a workplace plastered with unfettered nanoparticles, then slipping on them would be the least of your worries!

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