Nano Better than Petrol

A Rice University study compares “the environmental and health risks associated with the production of five nanomaterials — single-walled carbon nanotubes, buckyballs, zinc selenide quantum dots, alumoxane nanoparticles and titantium dioxide nanoparticles — with the risks of making six commonplace products — silicon wafers, wine, high-density plastic, lead-acid car batteries, refined petroleum and aspirin.”

It’s an interesting mix of products, and finds that the production of carbon nanotubes is less risky than producing wine (it would perhaps be more interesting to compare the effects of ingesting nanotubes and wine), and recommends not mixing quantum dots with aspirin.

The overall conclusion, at least according to this report, is that a random selection of nano materials is either less or more risky than a random selection of non nano materials, and that it is safer to make nanostuff than other stuff like plastics or petrol, perhaps with the exception pf of buckyballs (perhaps in close proximity to fish?).

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