Nano-dwarves as environmental angels?

According to Nanotechwire, someone at BMW has been looking closely at the applications of nanotechnologies (or at least reading some of the Drexlereian side of it) in the automotive industry and came up with the following scenario…

” Purchasing a new car in 2020 – the scenario: the showroom dealer, in addition to exhibiting BMW’s latest shiny new models, also sets up a stand with small, colourful seed packets. The packets, however, do not have pictures of exotic plants printed on them but instead car models. The customer chooses a car, pays for it, and is then handed over his dream car in a seed packet. He scatters the seed in his garden and waits, and at some point, just like a flower, his dream car sprouts up from the earth. Atom by atom, molecule by molecule.”

We can only wonder what that would do to BMWs business model over the next fifteen years. Fortunately the rest of the article looks at the more mundane applications such as coatings or catalysts, applications that we can use.

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