Nano2LifeThis week takes me to Saarbrucken for the third annual Nano2Life network meeting – one of the more interesting ‘networks of excellence’ funded by the European Commission. Saarbrucken has an unfeasibly high concentration of nanotech related companies for a small town tucked away next to the French border, most of which were spun out of INM, the most notable one being Nanogate who went public last year.

Nanobio marketI spent the first hour talking about technology commercialisation and the rest of the time getting a crash course in European nano-biotech research, and there is plenty going on.

As with most European networks, the focus is very much on the science, and bringing researchers together from across Europe, so the commercialization aspect tends to lag – after all first you have to find something to commercialize! However, ten years into nanotech, there are increasing numbers of marketable technologies, and a growing appetite among researchers to learn how to do this.

The graph above looking at the market for nanotech in pharma and healthcare illustrates why this is such an interesting sector (Cientifica clients already have the numbers and the key market drivers for this) and it is shaping up to be one of the highest added value sectors of nanotechnologies and one of the few that offers opportunities for companies that would be worth investing in at an early stage. Thats what makes Nano2Life particularly interesting, it’s good science with a great market.

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