Nanoco Hissy Fit Highlights UK Technology Shortcomings

Manchester’s quantum dot manufacturer Nanoco (NANO:LSE) are “threatening to locate its first commercial plant in Japan or Singapore if it fails to win financial aid from the government” according to the FT.

While the 30 jobs created are insignificant compared with 1500 lost (plus others along the supply chain) as a result of a government decision to buy train carriages from Germany rather than the UK, I share the frustration.

“Ministers talk a good game [about trying to encourage manufacturing] but when you look at the support packages that are available they are often unsuitable or too thinly spread,” said Michael Edelman, Nanoco’s chief executive.

It’s a message we hear over and over from innovative UK companies, and Nanoco are right to highlight the fact the plenty of other governments and regions are desperately trying to attract high technology manufacturing, while the UK just makes noises about it.

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