Nanotech Comes To The PC – Finally


It’s been a busy week on the games front, which explains the brief hiatus earlier in the week, but as you can see from the screenshot above things are moving rapidly forward. While the games design team have been busy writing character scripts and developing three dimensional hairy vesicles for drug delivery, guided by our scientific advisory board. As a result, this portion of the game will be based on one of the most realistic and scientifically accurate representations of nanomedicine ever developed. It will also require a degree of skill and dexterity combined with an understanding of key nanotech concepts in order to complete the games objectives.

This is crucially important, as most teenage gamers are familiar with nanotechnology as a fantastic futuristic technology involving miniature robots, but very few teenagers actually understand what nanotechnology really is, how its impact the world around them, or are stimulated about its genuine possibilities. One of our key aims is to change this, and to start students thinking about real nanotechnologies, not just the science fiction variety.

We have been staggered by the response to the game, with support coming from a number of government bodies from the US NNI to the Malaysian Government, and from universities and high schools around the world. As a result, and coupled with the strategy of raising sponsorship ro ensure that the game is freely available, we aim to get the game into as many schools around the world as possible.

Perhaps one of the reasons everyone is getting so excited is that combining nanotech with traditional tech (i.e. information technology) hasn’t really been done before, apart from a few simulations of molecular gearwheels and the rather high end specialist molecular modeling software from the likes of Accelerys. You will be able to judge for yourself once the playable demo is released later in the year.

There is still time to get involved in the project, either as a partner, a sponsor or by helping us ensure that the game is appropriate for the 12-18 year old target audience. You can leave a comment here or contact me directly.

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