Nanotech Hits the Textile Markes


One of the big surprises of recent weeks was the realisation that already some US$11Bn worth of textiles containing nanotechnologies are on the market around the world.

Before you rush off an start investing in Nano-Tex, remember that their particularly treatment, although highly successful, is only one of the ways that nanotechnologies are applied in the textile industry.

Nanotechnologies for the Textiles Market” covers apparel, home textiles, medical textiles, military textiles, sports textiles and other technical textiles. The report gives a comprehensive analysis of all current and projected applications of nanotechnologies to the textile industry, with full cost benefit and pricing analysis, market forecasts, timelines, and company details for each of the six sectors.

The report reveals that:

— The market for textiles making use of nanotechnologies will reach US $13.6 billion by 2007, and expand to US $115 billion by 2012

— The value of nanomaterials supplied to the textile industry will reach US $8.6 billion by 2012

— Clothing textiles will still make up the largest share of the total textile market although sports/outdoor textiles and non-conventional technical textiles will exhibit far higher growth rates.

— Nanotechnologies will provide incremental improvements to existing textile sectors, but offer the highest growth in the non-traditional sectors

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