Nanotech in the Dragons Den

Investors on the UK venture capital show Dragons Den took a punt on nano silver this week, investing £100,000 for an equity share of 50% in a company which has the exclusive rights to distribute a nano silver and ozone based sterilizer. The website at Innovations4u claims:

The Klenz Multi Purpose Sanitiser is THE most effective way to rid everyday items of germs

Sanitize with Klenz & minimise the risk of infection & illness to yourself, friends & family.Klenz Nano Silver

Simply place an item inside a Klenz Sanitizer & press START. The advanced Nano Silver & Ozone System bombards bacteria & viruses for 8 minutes, ensuring microbes inside a Klenz are eradicated.

Klenz Multi Purpose Sanitisers use no heat, liquid or dangerous chemicals. Klenz gives maximum protection against germs with minimum effort and ZERO RISK to your possessions.

Klenz has an elegant design, being a similar size as a microwave it makes a stylish addition to your home or workplace.

You can watch the whole clip here, but don’t tell the EPA!

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