Nanotech Terror Down Under

There is never a shortage of scare stories which usually involve some form of dangerous nanotechnology being sneaked into our bodies, rammed down our throats or shoved up our backsides by some evil corporation for some unspecified reason.

This weeks nanotech terror alert comes from Thomas Faunce of the Australian National University college of law and medical school who reasons that

a) Australia has a free trade agreement with the US and
b) This obliges Australia to make innovative pharmaceutical products more readily available which leads to the conclusion that
c) Australians will have untested and potentially dangerous nanotechnologies rammed down their throats to cure potentially lethal diseases.

Sanity prevails at the Therapeutic Goods Administration (The Australian drugs regulator) whose spokesman dryly comments

“Extensive, non-clinical, toxicological and clinical safety testing is required for all new drug products. No concessions or reductions in these requirements will apply to nanomaterials in therapeutic products.”

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