Nanotech – the Sucessor to GMO’s?

I spent the weekend in Paris enjoying delicacies such as “os a moelle” and eating couscous at Au Rendezvous, a Tunisian restaurant so fashionable that Jacques Chirac was at the next table, but came home to find a great deal of tweeting and blogging about nanotechnology & food (again).

It struck me as odd that in Paris cracking open a couple of beef shin bones and spreading the marrow on a bit of toast (os a moelle) is a perfectly normal thing to do, whereas most people in the UK wouldn’t dream of eating such a thing. On the other hand, many people in the UK are quite happy to eat at McDonalds and KFC but won’t touch GMO’s. There’s obviously nothing rational about attitudes to food.

Strangely, we now have government environment ministers hyping up the possibilities of the use of nanotechnologies in food, although I was a little concerned to see that the Observer summed up nanotechnology thus:

Nanotechnology is increasingly being seen as a successor to genetically modified (GM) techniques in food production, with GM trials meeting consumer resistance and sabotage by activists.

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