Nanotechnologies Set to Shake Up and Shake Out Drug Delivery Market

A new report from Cientifica Ltd., “The Nanoparticle Drug Delivery Market”, identifies who is positioned to be the “winners” and “losers” in the drug delivery market as new nanoparticles and nanostructured delivery techniques begin replacing existing polymer therapeutics that currently dominate the market.

The report projects that the total market for nanotechnology-enabled drug delivery will rise to $26 billion by 2012 from its current size of $3.39 billion, representing a compound annual growth rate of 37%.

But this is just the beginning; the market could steeply rise after 2012, reaching potentially $220 billion by 2015 for these nano-enabled compounds.

With such enormous growth anticipated, the 300-page report examines over 60 different companies, including 38 drug formulation companies and 23 drug delivery companies, analyzing where they are in their product pipeline, the available market, and the value that their products add to drug delivery.

With 58 case studies of nanoparticle drug delivery platforms and technologies, it becomes possible both for investors and companies in the pharmaceutical industry to understand how nanotechnologies will impact the drug delivery market and the companies in the best position to exploit this growth.

Nanotechnologies have already begun to change the scale and methods of drug delivery and hold huge potential for future developments in this area. New formulations and routes for drug delivery have the potential to broaden the therapeutic potential of administered treatments by allowing the delivery of new types of medicine to previously inaccessible sites in the body. In contrast to developing completely new drug compounds, introducing upgraded formulations greatly reduces the risk, time and capital invested in new drug development.

Nanoparticle drug delivery technology can enable reformulation of existing drugs to increase product lifecycle, increase profitability, expand intellectual property estate and discourage competition during a drug’s most valuable years.

Research Director Hailing Yu commented “A new value paradigm is taking shape in this market. By understanding how these nanostructured delivery techniques will shape the future of this market, investors and companies involved in the space will have a map for this new landscape.”

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