From Graphene to Teslas

Will graphene ever power Teslas?All the public company business is extremely time consuming, you can spend half your life with accountants, auditors, lawyers,  and PR companies, not to mention NOMADS (don’t ask!) so it has taken  while for the research side of Cientifica, that started with the Nanotechnology Opportunity Report back in 2001, to move onto its own site.

“Its sheer comprehensiveness and conservative nature is its strongest suit and may help to reset an industry that has suffered, like the rest of tech, from too much hype.” Small Times

Comprehensive and conservative is fine for us. The new Cientifica Research site is  up & running and complements the investing business at the main Cientifica site.  First out of the traps from the new team is a look at whether graphene will ever make it into the fabled supercapacitors which should be powering the next generation of Teslas.

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