Russian Nanotechnology Needs People Not Money

The Moscow Times ran a front page nanotech article looking at Russia’s efforts to commercialise nanotechnologies.

At Cientifica we have been involved in setting up and running a huge number of nanotech programs, but the key limiting factor in almost every case is the people – or lack thereof. Russia seems to be hitting the same problem, and while massive investment in the sector is a good thing, without the engineers, technicians, sales force and entrepreneurs any investment may be doomed. But they know it….

To fill this gap, Skolkovo Foundation presidentViktor Vekselbergand Massachusetts Institute for Technology president Susan Hockfield signed an agreement for a three-year collaboration to develop the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology. The school will bring together Russian, U.S. and global research and technology, and will be led by Edward Crawley, MIT’s Ford professor of engineering. The inaugural class is expected to enroll 1,200 masters and doctoral students as well as 300 postdoctoral scholars in 2014.

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