Russians To Stamp Out Nanothieves

One of the banes of nanotechnology has been the number of companies claiming that things are nano when they are clearly not, for instance the infamous sickness inducing Magic Nano from early last year.

Help is at hand from the Rusian Nanotechnology Corporation who have pledged to “implement a system of standards to weed out swindlers who use the term ‘nano’ in the names of their companies and products just to get the attention.” As a result according to the Moscow Times, “State Duma Speaker Boris Gryzlov said … that the parliament would adopt laws setting technical regulations determining which companies would be entitled to use the term in their name or those of their products.”

The Times then proceeded to dig up a number of Russian companies making everything from concrete to breast implants while claiming to be using nanotechnology.In contrast to Europe, the Russian view of nanotech seems to be that “It is sexy, it attracts investment and generates profits.” Perhaps this is related to the ever  increasing number of breast related nanotech applications (or maybe it’s just a result of spending too much time in the lab).

The breast implant team are quoted as saying

“We can prove that this breast is really nano. What we need is about 5 million rubles ($180,000) to begin production on an industrial scale.”

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