Shredding The Evidence

IEEE Spectrum picked up on my observations about, erm,  observatoryNANO and thankfully someone involved with the project must have finally read the stuff as the page is now “under construction.”

Running a sample of the text through our shiny new online plagiarism checker reveals that the article about solar cells was filched from a four year old article in National Geographic. The extract quoted about flexible displays was cut and pasted from this blog although it is rather more recent coming from April 2008.

Joking aside, this is a worrying subject. Why is the European Commission paying people to swipe ancient bits of other people’s work, turn it into garbage and publish it as their own in the interest of providing “objective information?” I’ve racked my brains and I can’t think of any good reason unless the project has some unstated secondary aims of massaging unemployment figures or providing fulfilling work for the inhabitants of lunatic asylums. It’s quite bad enough us all having to bail out the banks, but I’m not sure why European taxpayers should be encouraging this sort of thing.

Perhaps someone should ask these people?

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