Nano Food -Twisting My Melon?

Every few years there is a call for nano materials and food to be labeled and the rationale is that in the case of GMO’s it allowed consumers to make an informed choice. An article GM a “cautionary tale” for nanotechnology  caught my eye: However, the author states:“The GM food rejection in OECD countries provides an illustration of what needs to …

What’s The Point of Universities?

It’s a provocative question, but one I thought worth asking to David Cameron’s parliamentary private secretary, Desmond Swayne MP last week. The MP was visiting Ilkley as a guest of our local MP, Kris Hopkins, with the aim of getting feedback from local businesses about what could be done to get the economy moving. It’s not a bad idea, as the usual …

Something’s Gotta Change

  After a few weeks of php, css, AJAX and HTML5, a rather different kind of emerging technology to the ones we usually deal with, our redesign is complete. Love it, hate it, can’t find stuff? Please let us know.

Come Again?

A thoroughly weird article in the Telegraph which seems to be (tick one box only) A bit of PR for a UK company involved in nanotech An attempt to poke holes in Russian nanotech strategy A plug for a conference None of the above No, we couldn’t  figure it out either!


Every now and then something pops up that makes one wonder why on earth anyone bothered to put any time and effort into publishing it, such as the example below.  Introduction to nanotechnology manipulates the atomic properties of nanotechnology materials. Nanotechnology is the broad classification of applied science and technologies evolving around. Nanotechnology comprises of physics, material science, and applied …

Natural Resources

We are getting used to the idea in nanotechnology that nature already has all the best tricks. DNA, in addition to its role in data storage is especially useful as an electron trap in LEDs, prompting one US scientist to find a rather unusual source based on something called salmon garnish (Not for the squeamish)

Do Not Disturb

I’ll be escaping from Britain’s monsoon season to somewhere around here for the next two weeks. Normal service will resume on the 17th.


Nokia have made the leap into the nanoworld – with the help of Cambridge University. The new centre, with a rumoured budget equivalent to close to total UK nanotech spending to date  pops up next to the West Cambridge nanotech cluster next to the existing nanoscience centre – a long journey from rubber boots to nanotech.