A poll at SFGate.com asked “Should the state plow billions into the nanotechnology vision?” with the results concluding that the hype may not be entireley beneficial: — Yes. The dividend includes tax dollars and jobs in the long run. 17% — No. A billion- or trillion-dollar industry doesn’t need our ante. 41% — Good idea. But get industry to put …

An Extra 50 Billion Euros for EU R&D?

It may have been noticed that the countries of the European Union are currently locked in a prolonged squabble over budgets, with the aim of making Europe a dynamic and knowledge enabled economy being proposed to be achieved by funding massive road building plans in eastern Europe and spending the rest on agricultural subsidies. The current president of the EU, …

Round Three

Nanotech companies are continuing to pull in funding with the news that UK based nanoparticle detection company Nanosight have closed a further half million pounds in funding to add to the 1.2 million raised last year from the DTI.

Nano in the Air

There may not be much nanotech in a Boeing 747-400, but Singapore Airlines new inflight broadband system certainly helps us keep tabs on things while bouncing through thunderstorms over the Philippines.

The Economic Impact of Nanotechnolgies on Japan

The EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation-Information Service is holding a nanotech seminar in Tokyo on the 29th September. Cientifica, Mitsubishi, and 3i will all be presenting their views on the economic impact of nanotechnologies, both in Japan and the EU. Registration and more details can be found here.

Tubes Going Cheap

Cheap Tubes Inc are offering “Multi Wall Nanotubes (MWNTs) by the metric ton” while Nanocraft offer theirs on eBay – though fortunately for our staff who keep a watch on CNT pricing, they are offered at a fixed price.