Take the First Exit

OK, a trade sale not an IPO, but Nanogram, who have been focussing on nanomaterials for power sources, have been sold to Wilson Greatbatch Technologies, inventors of the implantable cardiac pacemaker. Investors including Institutional Venture Partners, Venrock Associates, Nth Power Technologies, Bay Partners, CDP Capital Technology Ventures, Rockport Capital, Hydro Quebec CapiTech, Harris & Harris, Groupe Siparex and SBV Venture Partners and corporate shareholders including Dow Corning, NEC Corporation and ABB will have made a 3x return on investment

A slight correction from Craig Horne at Nanogram.

WGB bought NanoGram Devices Corp which is a spin-out using NanoGram’s nanomaterials and battery technology, not NanoGram Corp itself. NDC is a separate company.

NanoGram is continuing to develop nanomaterials-based power sources as well as an array of other applications (www.nanogram.com).

Lastly, the investors listed are NanoGram’s. Though many are common, NDC’s investors are listed at www.nanogramdevices.com.

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