Technology – so much more than social media!

Discussing “emerging technologies” is always a challenge as it means different things to different people. We had a go at defining it a few years ago, and Jason Pontin at MIT Technology Review justifies their shift from “emerging” to using the phrase “breakthrough technologies” in this month’s edition. Is this equally meaningless? The real problem is the word “technology” which to most people is short for Information Technology.

With a little trepidation I faced a packed room at Buy Yorkshire, as a guest of Nanofactory, to talk about our World Economic Forum Top 10 Emerging Technologies, wondering how many people would get up and leave or fiddle with their smartphones once I started talking about 3D printing and 4G nuclear power. Most people, such as Lindsey at Open Comms were pleasantly surprised.

I had the pleasure today of listening to Tim Harper from Cientifica during a seminar he was presenting at the Buy Yorkshire Conference. The title of the seminar was ’10 Emerging Technologies’ and I immediately presumed that the talk would focus on social media and the way that we communicate with our partners, stakeholders, employees and prospects – how wrong I was!

You can read the rest of Lindsey’s blog piece here, but the title “Technology – so much more than social media” sums up much of the reaction throughout the day. It’s easy to get bogged down in one particular sub sector of technology, which is why I’m happy to be involved in businesses as diverse as graphene, 3D printing, nanoparticle characterisation and carbon negative building systems.

If you missed it, you can see the presentation below, and if you want to know more just contact us.


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  2. Hi Tim, thanks for the link to our blog. I was certainly pleasantly surprised by the talk and wish you all the very best with the progress of each of the top ten emerging technologies. More should be done to share these amazing ideas with the wider world – after all they are going to have one massive impact when they are available to a mass market.

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