Ten Years of Nanotechnologies – The Best, The Worst & The Funniest

It’s a little over ten years since we started TNTWeekly (as it then was), a weekly round up of all the news in nanotechnology. In the early days it was a manual job, visiting web sites & searching for news was a time consuming task in the days before Google Alerts, and some weeks there wasn’t much to report on at all.

Like the whole field of nanotechnology, TNTWeekly has been through changes in the last ten years, becoming less about the science, and more about the businesses, although still not afraid to have its tongue firmly in its cheek.

To celebrate ten years of TNTWeekly and ten years of nanotechnologies we are putting together a compilation of the best and worst of nanotechnologies, and we would value your input.

Please email us and let us know what was the best and worst and the funniest nanotech news of the last ten years – it could be a fantastic bit of science, a great product, or, one of our personal favourites, ‘the standard hair’. Similarly the worst could be a fraud such as the infamous Henrick Schoen case, the Nano World Congress that never was, or the involvement of Prince Charles in the debate.

Please let us know, and we’ll publish the results in the near future.

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