The Buckminster Fuller Challenge

No, not a challenge for someone to figure out how to make a buck out of that most totemic of nanotech icons, the buckyball, but a real challenge with a $100,000 prize

Just like many investors, the Buckminster Fuller Institute is looking for entries that are:

  • Comprehensive — addressing the interaction of key issues responsible for present conditions; aims to solve multiple problems without creating new ones; 
  • Anticipatory — factoring in critical future trends and needs as well as potential long term impacts of implementation;
  • Ecologically responsible — reflecting nature’s underlying principles while enhancing the Earth’s life-support systems;
  • Feasible — relying on current technology and existing resources;
  • Verifiable — able to withstand rigorous empirical testing;
  • Replicable — able to scale and adapt to a broad range of conditions.

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