The Centre for Nanoethical Nanononesense (CNN)

One of our favourite nanotech sites has news that The Very Reverand P. Dolding-Beedle , who is perhaps related to Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling, has some strong views on some recent NASA funded research and ethical think tanks…

“There are now many ethical think tanks, such as the Center for Responsible Nanotechnology, which specialize in debating almost every conceivable outcome in postulated nanotechnological developments, and spend much time organizing conferences. “But ‘almost every’ just isn’t good enough when you’re dealing with total annihilation of all sentient life. At the Centre for Nanoethical Nanononsense we pride ourselves on investigating every conceivable possible ethical problem, before the technology is developed. I see the stony silence from the Center for Responsible Nanotechnology on this issue as tacit approval for the destruction of all civilization as we know it. When are they going to stand up and take a stand on this serious issue?”


Dolding-Beedle also dismisses the bionanorobotics concept and suggests some alternative approaches based on nanotectonomonomers.

Side-splitting and thought provoking – nano satire at its best.

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