The First Clean-tech Nanoscam?

As oil prices go up, thousands of entrepreneurs are massing to sell all kinds of snake oil to people in order to increase their fuel consumption. Nanotech, being something advanced and sexy (well, to some people anyway) is seen as good hook.  One of the latest money saving “nanotechnologies” is eeFuel from H2Oil.

NanoTech eeFuel® Additive is the only multi-functional liquid nanotechnology fuel enhancer on the market.

When added to fuel – whether it be gasoline, diesel fuel or bio-fuels, eeFuel®immediately transforms it into high-performance nanotechnology enhanced fuel to improve fuel economy, increase engine power, reduce harmful emissions and clean combustion chamber deposits.

The company claims fuel savings of ‘up to 25%,’ presumably with the tests performed going downhill with a following wind and the gearbox in neutral, or perhaps using the allegedly dodgy methodology used by some other companies.  But the real aim of the sites  are getting small time distributors to buy the stuff and sell it to their friends. 

Poking around the site, my suspicions were aroused by the bios of the key staff, who seemed far more interested in gushing about how wonderful their families are rather than any business credentials. It puts me in mind of the type of characters John Goodman often plays in Coen Brothers films, such as Barton Fink or Oh Brother Where Art Thou?

I also enjoyed their rather pointless mission statemt 

Here at Fuel Legacy International, our daily mission is to provide the very best experience for all our loyal Independent business owners and of course customers. With integrity as our watch word, it is our mission to provide a service to the world with a rewarding business opportunity, matched only by our incredible products that deliver great value, not only to us individually, but the entire planet.

It looks like a clean-tech nanoscam to me.

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