The Holy Grail of Nanoelectronics

Nature have finally launched a new journal dedicated to nanotechnology (or should that be nanoscience?) with the eponymous title of “Nature Nanotechnology.” This follows the Institute of Physics’ ‘Nanotechnology‘ and World Scientific’s ‘Nano‘, one of the journals where I am honoured to sit on the editorial board along with a number of scientific luminaries such as Sumio Iijima and Chunli Bai.

One article that caught my eye was ‘Sorting carbon nanotubes by electronic structure using density differentiation’ which discusses a method of addressing one of the fundamental problems in nanotube production, that of sorting the metallic ones from the semiconducting types. Andrew Rinzler also comments on what this may mean for nanoelectronics.

We have been here before with IBMs creative destruction so before anyone gets too excited let’s not forget that there is a world of difference from producing the kind of field effect transistors described in the paper to integrating these into a real world device and even getting close to challenging the dominance of CMOS.

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