graphene and cocktails at grafene

The Killer App For Graphene – Cocktails

It is impossible to get office space in Manchester at the moment as the place is choked with graphene spin outs from the university. There is even a new restaurant opening in the city, Grafene which is “inspired by the world’s first 2D material Graphene, first isolated at Manchester University and the focus of global scientific and research investment.”

I’m intrigued especially by phrases like “Our cocktails are something else…. scientifically-inspired with a nod to graphene, the Manchester innovation from which we take our name.” The owners claim “Grafene is our food and drink interpretation of this exciting new chapter in Manchester’s rich history, and of the excitement and energy there is around its possibilities for science and technology.”

There is a close link between mixology and chemistry so the cocktail possibilities are endless. Chemistry and mixology both involve selecting and combining ingredients, and then processing them in some way to create something. Any chemist will be able to instinctively select the right mixing technique from shaking, stirring, dry shaking or throwing but as a physicist I always have to read the manual.

Andre Geim has already performed experiments with vodka, and G2O’s high throughput filters allow pore sizes to be tuned to remove some molecules but not others, or improve the production of fat washed cocktails like the hard to find but exquisite Benton’s Old Fashioned.

Good food meeting great technology sounds like a great idea to me and a good lunch venue. What else could you ask for, other than a team from the National Graphene Institute manning the cocktail bar with Andre Geim on bongos?

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