The (still) Coming Nanotechnology Boom

We have had a lot of fun in the past with the pundits in the investment world who like to trumpet that “Nanotechnology is on the verge of revolutionizing just about everything we do.”

Well perhaps it might, but investment advisors should really do their homework first. This week with the kind of language that the MNT community usually sees as a ringing endorsement of their beliefsChristian DeHaemer gushes:

“The world has already committed over $2 billion in research funding for nanotechnology. And now, scientists foresee a day when they will be able to churn out virus-size computers, cancer-munching robots swimming through arteries, DNA code writing, and desktop factories assembling watches out.”

Apart from the funding number being way undervalued, we have seen some $18bn slip past, and the rather odd use of English, the rest of the claims are utter rubbish. Deliberately misleading the public to flog newsletter seems to us to be no different from making false or misleading claims about any other product, but while the law prevents you from claiming that a Porsche will do 200 miles to the gallon, there seems to be no such scrutiny of financial products.

In the meantime, we would be interested to know exactly what kind of ‘experts’ Mr. DeHaemer has recruited to advise him, and if he wants his money back.

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