The World Nano-Economic Congress Comes to India


According to a report in Small Times, India is now in “mission mode” to develop nanotechnology, and earlier in the month, on the 7th November, India’s President APJ Abul Kalam told a high level technology meeting in Delhi that “The nano science technology revolution …is just round the corner.”

The reasons for the World Nano-Economic Congress coming to India are obvious. The Indian stock market is hitting record highs and the government of India is directing its massive academic resources towards nanotechnologies. As a result, the country’s academic institutions are awash with talent, and the markets have the money to fund it.

With industries from textiles to automotive already taking advantage of nanotechnologies for both domestic and export markets, India is poised to be one of the 21st Century’s nanotech winners. With an annual production of engineering graduates five times higher than the United States the next Google may be already waiting in an Indian University.

India also represents a rich and expanding seam of buyers for nanotechnology-based technologies and solutions, as more and more companies understand the competitive advantages afforded by nanotechnologies, and is quickly moving towards being a leader in the selling of nanotechnology-based products.

Since setting up our Mumbai offices nearly a year ago, we have been overwhelmed by the flood of talent and ideas emerging from India. The World Nano-Economic Congress India gives us an opportunity to share that with the rest of the world.

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