Tomorrow Will Be Just Like Today – But Smaller

The Sat Nav of the Future?

The Sat Nav of the Future?

I was rather shocked by Business Week’s list of the 20 Most Important Inventions of the Next 10 Years. It simply assumes that the next twenty years will be exactly the same as the present, but with things getting smaller and faster and generally better (thanks to nanotech in three of four of them).

These types of future look articles always to be writen using rather less imagination than possessed by the average potato. All we have to do is look back twenty years and see how much things have changed, computing, Internet, mobile communications, satellite TV etc.

With major advances happening in areas of materials, genomics, proteomics, and synthetic biology, the ability to use your laptop in a car is neither an invention or of any importance.

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  1. I’m very taken both with the pop-up housing and the pop-up businesses. No potential whatsoever in next-gen biofuels? I think next-gen could include the repurposing of materials I thought you’d blogged about recently.

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