Transport Secretary Visits Element 2 on Teesside

We hosted Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP, secretary of State for Transport at one of our Teesside refuelling stations yesterday. 

Teesside Mayor Ben Houchen and the Secretary of State are both knowledgable and enthusiastic about hydrogen, so it was great to be able to show not only the Element 2 refuelling but also vehicles from Toyota Motor Corporation and ULEMCo Ltd

The fleet of Toyota Mirais using the station made it for a while the busiest hydrogen refuelling station in Europe. A combination of local hydrogen production, demand from industry and political support over the past year has established Teesside as a key location for us, and one of the earliest regions to benefit from the energy transition. It’s a fine example of what can be achieved and will pay future dividends in terms of skilled jobs and a cleaner environment. 

By putting in the nationwide refuelling infrastructure Element 2 are removing the last barrier for adoption of hydrogen in transport, leaving combined authorities like Teeside free to deploy their budget on zero emission vehicles rather than infrastructure. 

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