Tubes Going Cheap

Cheap Tubes Inc are offering “Multi Wall Nanotubes (MWNTs) by the metric ton” while Nanocraft offer theirs on eBay – though fortunately for our staff who keep a watch on CNT pricing, they are offered at a fixed price.

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    It should be noted that there is a very big difference in the quality of the nanotubes supplied by Cheap Tubes and Nanocraft. As the founder of Cheap Tubes (full disclosure) I want to point out that if you click through to nanocraft’s website and look at the detailed specs you will notice that they claim to have 95% pure mwnts but the specs say only 10-30 wt% nanotubes and the rest is nanohorns, nano onions, and other carbon structures (which is fine if you want those other carbon structures). At Cheap tubes our MWNTs are >95wt% nanotubes (app 98wt% carbon content) so they are definately a higher quality product. We do send out free 100mg samples upon request, so you can evaluate our products for yourself. We now have short (0.5-2.0 um long) mwnts in purified (>95wt%) as well as OH and COOH functionalized. Give Cheap Tubes a try, you’ll like our quality, price and service. Call Mike at 802.254.6969 if you have any questions or visit our website for product specs

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