UK Nanotech – Missing in Action?

Further to my recent post wondering what was going wrong (if anything) with the UK’s nanotechnology sector, the UK Nanoforum conference was recently announced, a conference “with a focus on trade, investment and collaborations.”

Perhaps I’m being uncharitable here, but I don’t see too much evidence of either nanotechnology or business here. Ionscope are a great little company working on patch clamp technology, but are still a little company, and Epigen, while a solid company, require the definition of nanotechnology to be loosened more than my belt after an evening at Kenza with our lawyers from next door.

If you compare it with Nanotech Northern Europe for example, it’s a bit of a damp squib. After attending last years conference I voiced my concerns. Given this years line up, I wonder whether by relying on the same of people and the same old strategy (perhaps taking a cue from the Prime Minister who attempted to ward off the coming financial storm by repeating that Britain was better placed than any other major economy…) the UK is not so much missing the boat but sleepwalking off the stern?

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