UK Nanotech Stagnates? – Update

I’m still confused by the new UK KTN report on nanotech – perhaps if someone could actually produce a copy it would help! Typical of the mixed or garbled messages is

“The success of nanotechnology should be industry-led, and we are proposing that BIS takes responsibility for co-ordinating nanotech in other government departments, academia and industry,” Barry Park, Nanotechnology KTN manager for manufacturing and processing, said at an event in London on Thursday.

I can’t tell whether this is calling for industry or Government to lead things. Is the KTN confused or just the reporter? The report also claims that

the sector is highly fragmented, with few large companies and many SMEs. In addition, there is supply chain complexity, and it is difficult to transfer intellectual property from academia to industry.

As I noted yesterday, I think they may be barking up the wrong tree.

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