UK Nanotech to Willetts – We’re Doomed And We Don’t Give A Damn

The lack of any reaction to Fridays announcement that many of the UKs nanotech centres would be unlikely to survive is because it is old news. The Technology Strategy Board clarified the position by sending out the missive below:

You may have seen the BBC reporting below.  As far as I am concerned this relates to news that is over a year old that is being presented with a particular skew to suit the current news agenda.

Following the MNT centres review last year, the TSB concluded that we wanted the MNT centres to be self-sustaining after their grants and that we would not be providing follow-on grants.  There is no change to this or the way we are working together at the moment.

So is it politicians manipulating the news again? It seems to be part of a general softening up process to pave the way for bigger cuts in October while allowing the Government to boast about how much has already been saved. Most of the centres already know that there will be no follow on funding, so the worst that can happen is that the closure of the ones which were unable to secure external funding will be somewhat accelerated.

I mentioned last week the odd way that some of the centres were set up, and before the politicians and civil servants get too smug, let’s not forget that some of centres faces with closure were set up under conditions which prevented them from taking on external work,and were therefore doomed from the outset.

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