UK Nanovision Contest

I spent part of this week at the UK Nanoforum – the UKs big nanotech showcase,. While on one level it was just another conference with the usual suspects telling the usual tale, though there was another story unfolding in the exhibition area.

After six years of nanotech events from Los Angeles to Seoul I had become used to most of these exhibition being full of either university research groups or companies with little connection to nanotech jumping on the nanotech marketing bandwagon. At the UK Nanoforum exhibition there were perhaps the first signs of a shift towards real companies and products, with less of government funded open access facilities and other service providers, and more companies with real products.

I was glad to see that the most popular stand, with crowds three deep, was Nanosight where a constant stream of visitors found it hard to believe that what they were seeing was a dispersion of sub 100nm particles moving in Brownian motion, and being individually and accurately sized.

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