UK Parliamentary Graphene Inquiry Calls A Wide Range of Witnesses

Witnesses for the UK parliament graphene inquiry have been revealed. I suspect we’ll see a range of views ranging from rose tinted optimism through to anger and frustration and hopefully resulting in a rational way for the UK to make better use of its world class science base.

Tim Harper, Tim Harper Graphene Investment and Consulting
Dr Erik Cox, Director, Inclusive Designs Ltd
Ray Gibbs, Chief Executive Officer, Haydale Graphene Industries Plc
Harry Swan, Managing Director, Thomas Swan and Company Ltd
Dr Liam Britnell, UK Manager, BGT Materials Ltd
Sir André Geim, Regius Professor, The University of Manchester, and Research Professor, The Royal Society
Professor Luke Georghiou, Vice-President for Research and Innovation, The University of Manchester

Update: The written evidence submitted is now also on the inquiry page.

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