UK Scientists Outnumbered By Psychologists

While the UKs exam results season gets into full swing (and everyone grumbles about “how easy it is get get a top grade ‘A’ Level compared with when I was at school”) there are encouraging signs in the number of maths and physics students.

Physics is up by 0.36%, and chemistry by 0.6% which may mean that the UK could potentially have another 250 scientists and engineers by 20, something that would have little effect on the economy. In fact the grumpy old men at the Confederation of British Industry, who were earlier proposing that science students should be paid extra, point out that physics students are still 17.4% down on 1997 levels, while media studies and psychology are increasingly popular.

All rather depressing stuff, although at least our Nanomission game is now also available in Japanese. While we have it on good authority that Prime Minister Brown ‘loathes computer games’ we have to winder whether teaching students (about things that you cannot see) by doing, even if it is in a game, might produce more than another few hundred physics students.

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  1. RedSevenOne

    I am reminded of an interview some years ago with KC Clarke, I think he got it right. ‘When I first started university I wanted to be a physicist but discovered you had to be able to get the answer right, so I switched to Psychology where you only had to be able to write 8 pages legibly’
    What I find interesting is that in British Columbia, Canada, where we are located the are 17000, Psychologists for a population of approximately 4.4 Million, all of whom have to be employed.
    The fact is however while there may be more Psychs than Scientists both here and in the UK, my band of knowledge seekers are having a whole bunch more fun.

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