We Buy Nano – $1 million to US$100 million – Call Now!

A “Silicon Valley Nano Newsletter, January 2006″ just plunked into our inbox announcing a billion dollar nanotech buyout (perhaps)…

Marketplace – RFP for acquisition of your nano bio, chemical, energy, or material start-up or early stage company. European Company seeks to acquire US nanotechnology companies from start-up to established and is prepared to pay from US$1 million to US$100 million.
The goal is to find companies with genuinely novel technology and patented products that are ready for
commercialisation. The potential products must address major markets. Companies or projects must have proof of concept; do not necessarily need a prototype; do not need to be in beta testing with customers; and first revenues are great, but not essential. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to: materials, energy – fuel cells, batteries, capacitors; pharma – nutrition; quantum dots; printed electronics; reagents; CNTs, etc.

The consulting group evaluating inquiries needs an executive summary that covers:
1) Status: Start-up with IP, Early Stage with Funding, Revenue, Revenue with Fortune 1,000 customers
2) Key products & technologies: e.g. polymers with special properties, etc.
3) Technology Differntiation: special IP & expertise versus other companies in space
4) Market: major opportunity and initial target.
5) Revenue Potential: 2006, 2007, 2008
6) Website
7) Key competitors
8) Possible major customers
8) Key company contacts

It makes a change from selling nanotubes on eBay.

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