Where Are the Techopreneurs?

Travelling always gives you something new, and my business vocabulary is infused with phrases I have picked up around the world. One of my favourites is something you hear a lot in Singapore, ‘technopreneur’, a concatenation of technology and entrepreneur, but merging the two words seems to give it an added zing.
At the moment science and technology are moving faster than ever, but the credit crunch has put the brakes on the funding of scientific entrepreneurs.
We’re doing our bit to help. Starting a science based business is much tougher than opening a shop or designing a bit of software, and requires a totally different approach. But getting the economy moving and keeping it moving relies increasingly on our ability to pull great ideas out of the lab and into the market place. As a group who have set up, built. sold or burned a wide variety of businesses we are doing our bit by training up the next generation of scientific entrepreneurs (as well as those considering setting up a business as a result of budget cuts and redundancies).
Please get in touch if you would like to host a seminar, or even support one!

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