Where In The World Is the Market For Nanotechnology?

So by now we are all familiar with the statement that nanotechnology will be a trillion, three trillion or even a zero trillion dollar market, but who’s going to buy all that tiny stuff, and where? Will be be Africa, the US or China?

As always, it all depends on what flavour of nanotech you are trying to sell. In the case of drug delivery,  the biggest markets right now are

  1. North America (304 US$ Million Dollars), (30%);
  2. Asia (268 US$ Million Dollars), (26%);
  3. EU (27), (234 US$ Million Dollars), (23%);

Across Asia we see a large and growing market in China

  1. China (111 US$ Million Dollars), (42%);
  2. India (73 US$ Million Dollars), (27%);
  3. South Korea (39 US$ Million Dollars), (15%);

We’re seeing some huge growth potential too, but not spread evenly. The combination of social need coupled with willingness to pay will see the introduction of highly targeted therapies in some areas being much quicker than in others. For the full picture see Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery 2011.

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